Window and Doors, Aluminum + Plastic

Window and Doors, Aluminum and Plastic (cold, thermal and wood covered aluminum). Anti-panic emergency doors for businesses and public environments.

Glass of all kinds

Float clear glass, opaque, tempered and arched in the furnace. Bulletproof glass, cathedral, glass doors, etc. Shower enclosures system, with openings and sliding.

Shading Systems (Brisole)

Shading systems (Brisole). Glass tents with rods. Sun shades with electric automatic rollers (remote controlled) with LED lighting, hanging and standing.

Constructions, etc

Constructions, railings and iron doors.

Automatic Doors

Geze and Patc automatic doors.


Aluminum railings and glass enclosures.

Structural Facades

Structural, semi-structural, standard, spider and Sky Light facades.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors with movable panels in massive glass and guillotine systems, automatic elevation for premises.


Accordion and balcony systems with movable panels and horizontal sliding.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum roller blinds and Persian blinds.

Facade Coating

Facade coating with composite, terracotta, HPL, cemented fiber, etc.

Telescopic Systems

Telescopic and Sky Light systems for swimming pools, verandas and sports facilities.

Blinds within double glazing

Blinds within double glazing.

Coating and covering

Sandwich coating and covering of objects.

Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures, opening and sliding.